Baltic Analog Lab

  1. Membership

    We are a membership based collective. This means that each member holds responsibility and equal rights to participate and engage within the collective.

    Even though there are couple people organising events and workshops, each participant has responsibility and duty to engage and help out in maintaining the space and events we organise. 

    Membership costs 50 EUR annualy and it gives access to our space, as well as discounts in the workshops and events we organise.

    In order to become a member you need to attend at least one of our workshops and propose your membership by sending us an email: 

  2. Current members

    Armands Andže

    Ieva Balode

    Lāsma Bērtule

    Andris Fedotovs

    Liene Hapanioneka

    Jānis Putniņš

    Andris Priedītis

    Inese Tīkmane 

    Eva Saukāne

    Andrejs Strokins


    Marts Jurkovskis

    Ella Mežule 

    Elīza Jordāne

    Sintija Andresone

    Jānis Upmalis

    Ieva Aleksa

    Filips Šmits

    Linda Lindenberga

    Katrīna Tomašicka

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