Baltic Analog Lab

  1. Baltic-Nordic analog labs

    With a kind support of Nordic Culture Point throughout year 2019 - 2020 we have created network of analog labs in Nordic and Baltic region. 

    The aim of the project was to provide a series of events and joint meetings for artist's run analog labs in Nordic and Baltic countries. These are collectively run labs that produces and teaches analog media works - analog films, photography and sound. There are five participating labs from five different countries: Baltic Analog Lab (LV), Spongé Studio (LT), Filmverkstaden (FI), Polar Film Lab (NO) and All Hands On Deck (SWE) Within the project participants of the labs  provided a space and join workshops and events with intention of education and further collaboration between each other. 

  2. Meeting in Riga

    Our first meeting was held in Riga at Baltic Analog Lab's organised festival "Process" during March 20.-25.2019. where some of the network participants took part with their films and performances.

  3. Meeting in Vilnius

    From August 1-4 we had our second meeting at Spongé studio in Vilnius and Vilnius art academy where Vytautas Juozenas held a workshop on large format photography toning. We also shot some 16mm footage and 35mm toned stills (see below)

    On August 3 we had a film screening at Ozas cinema showing films of our network which was followed by expanded cinema performance at ŠČ gallery by members of Baltic Analog Lab (LV) and Filmverkstan (FI).

  4. Large format workshop

  5. 16mm portraits

    Baltic-Nordic analog labs meeting in Vilnius from Baltic Analog Lab on Vimeo.

  6. Meeting in Malmö

    On October 10-13 we had our third meeting at STPLN (SWE) with their analog media department All Hans on Deck where we were holding a 16mm film workshop by Vytautas Juozenas and Justas Žekonis (Spnge lab) as well as Polaroid emulsion lift workshop by Philip Evans (All Hands on Deck) which was part of Nostalgia festival.

    Later on the evening we were holding a film screening at Hypnos Theatre showing only analog films from members of our network.

  7. Meeting in Vaasa

    On January 16-20 we had our fourth meeting at Filmverkstaden (FI) locted in the Ostrobothnia coast of Finland. There we had a two day workshop organised by Filmverkstaden by their great master Gunnar Bäckman who was teaching collodian process photography. We made some beautiful portraits of each other (find below).

    On 18th January we were also holding a public screening at Filmverkstaden showing films of our network to the local audience.

  8. Collodion workshop

  9. Meeting in Tromsø

    On February 27 - 29 we had our last meeting in most Northern lab - Polar Film Lab in Tromsø, Norway where we had a day workshop with Antonio Castles from Labor Berlin who was showing how to make DIY telecine for digitising 16mm films. 

    Later on the evening we were having a film screening at Tromsø Art Academy showing our network films.

  10. Telecine workshop

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