Baltic Analog Lab

  1. Colour workshop with Tomaž Burlin

    A two-day workshop will approach the principles of colour 16mm film trough a theoretical part as well as a practical hands-on part.We will discuss light, perception and characteristics of colour and more specifically the colour in motion picture colour film, negative, reversal and positive.
    We will explore the characteristics of different motion picture colour films, how they react to different light conditions and how to use or misuse them, how to process and cross-process colour negative and reversal film by hand, in a simple and effective way.


    - Introduction to colour film material and its chemical aspects
    - Demonstration of films
    - Introduction to colour film chemistry and its various kinds
    - Shooting with 16mm film
    Introduction to 16mm film projector

    Tomaž Burlin is a documentary and experimental filmmaker based in Paris, member of two of the oldest European independent artists-run filmlabs L'Etna and L'Abominable where he works and teaches film shooting and processing on a daily basis. His films have been represented in various international film festivals and events. 

    Limited amount of participants - 10 people
    Participate by sending us an email to:
    Participation fee: 50 EUR

    Workshop is supported by Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation and Riga City Council


  2. Organic Chemistry with Karel Doing

    Two day workshop will offer a practical introduction to organic chemistry and plant-based direct-on film animation. The workshop will take place in the yard of Baltic Analog Lab, using its herbs, flowers and other plants as film ingredients both for creating images, as well as processing film material in organic, flower-based way.



    DAY 1

    -  Introduction about organic chemistry

    -  Demonstration of equipment and ingredients

    -  Gathering test material

    -  Setting up tests

    -  Screening of work made with these techniques

    -  Harvesting results and fixing filmstrips


    DAY 2

    -  Screening test results

    -  Making plan for second run

    -  Gathering materials

    -  Setting up second run 'exposure'

    -  Loading and shooting with a Bolex

    -  Processing with caffenol

    -  Harvesting second run results and fixing filmstrips


    Karel Doing is an artist and filmmaker who works across expanded cinema, multi-screen, performative, cross-media and participatory works. Thoughout many years in working with analog film, Doing has developed a number of bio-chemical processs which he will share with the participants of the workshop.

    He has screened widely in a variety of venues ranging from established institutions land festivals like International Oberhausen Film festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Centre Pompedou in Paris, Arsenal Kino in Berlin , Tate gallery and LUX moving image in London, Anthology Film Archive in New York to numerous DIY artist run spaces in Europe, Asia and America. After being based in Arnhem and Rotterdam (the Netherlands) he is currently living and working in London (UK) where he recently finished his thesis on 'Ambient Poetics and Critical Posthumanism in Expanded Cinema', he is currently teaching film theory in University of East London as well as running an artist’s film lab “Film in Process”.

    Participation fee: 40 EUR
    Number of participants: 10
    Reserve your participation by sending us an email until 27 July:

    Workshop will be held in English

    Supported by: Riga City Council, State Culture Capital Foundation

  3. Darkroom experiments. 13 May, 2018

    13.05.2018. Riga Photomonth in collaboration with Baltic Analog Lab is offering a one-day workshop on experimental photography, led by artist Ieva Balode, a keen specialist in analog photographic techniques and alternative processes. The workshop will take place during Riga Photomonth 2018 opening week.


    - Introduction to analog photography's physical and photo-chemical qualities
    - Making and taking pictures with a handmade camera
    - Reversal process (using the negative and positive image)
    - Creative printing techniques using found negatives and photograms 

    The workshop will last one full day on Sunday 13 May at Baltic Analog Lab (Lienes iela 19, Riga). The participation fee is 30 EUR via pre-payment only. No previous experience needed - applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis and only 10 places are available.

    If you wish to apply, please send your full name, country of residence and phone no. to 

  4. Cameraless film workshop

    Shortly before Process festival French filmmaker Gaëlle Rouard will give a two day workshop teaching 16mm cameraless film technique at Baltic Analog Lab.

    The workshop will introduce the art of making copies that are not copies. First, working with found footage and making loops with flat prints (or rayograms) in a negative and B&W reversal process as well as solarisation. Then playing with this material in several projectors in order to do a visual music for the opening event of the festival on March 22. All that backed with a little theoretical introduction, in order to understand what is going on.

    Gaëlle Rouard has been making handmade films since the early 90′s. She is a long time member of the “102 rue d’Alembert”, a venue dedicated to the diffusion and creation of experimental music and film. She also ran “Atelier MTK” (a craft film laboratory) for twelve years until 2006, in Grenoble, France. An alchemist specialising in the precipitation of silver on film, she has developed and is still exploring various methods of chemical processing on film, while experimenting with the possibilities of live multi-projection in both solo and collaborative forms. Gaelle also runs a variety of workshops, both in art schools and for individual teaching.

    Participation fee: 50 EUR
    Number of participants: 10
    Participate by sending us an email:

    Workshop will be held in English

  5. Experimental photography workshop

    Experimental photography workshop with Ieva Balode who is a founding member of Baltic Analog Lab - artist and film curator who works with analog image exploring it's physical, photo-chemical as well as contextual qualities. Her works are met both in art galleries as well as international film and art festivals. 
    As a founding member of Baltic Analog Lab, Ieva actively organises educational events - workshops, lectures as well as experimental film festival Process.

    The workshop will provide learning and practicing various analog image making techniques and tricks in darkroom and outside of it where the camera is not always present.

    - Introduction to analog photography's physical and photo-chemical qualities
    - Making and taking pictures with handmade camera
    - Reversal process (using negative and positive image)
    - Multi-exposure using camera and printing in the darkroom
    - Cameraless photography (photograms, collage)
    - Analog tricks

    Participation fee: 40 EUR
    Max participants: 10 
    Participate by sending us an email: 
    Limited amount of participations!

    No previous experience needed

  6. 16mm film workshop

    16mm kino radošā darbnīca ar lietuviešu filmdari Vitautu Jozenu (Vytautas Juozenas)

    Vitauts ir mākslinieks no Viļņas, kas jau vairākus gadus nodarbojas ar analogo fotogrāfiju un kino – gan strādājot laboratorijā, gan pasniedzot analogo tehniku meistardarbnīcas Lietuvā, Berlīnē un Latvijā. Viņa darbi rādīti festivālos un mākslas izstādēs Lietuvā un Eiropā. Vitauts ir arī biedrs no Lietuvas kādreizējā kino kolektīva Tree Lab.

    -iepazīšanās ar 16mm kino filmu un tās fizikālajiem un ķīmiskajiem procesiem
    -iepazīšanās ar 16mm kino kameru
    -melnbaltās 16mm filmas uzņemšana
    -filmas attīstīšana apgriezeniskajā procesā laboratorijā
    -iepazīšanās ar 16mm kino projektoru
    -filmas skrīnings

    Dalības maksa 40 EUR
    Dalībnieku skaits: 10 cilvēki
    Dalībnieku skaits ierobežots! Dalība jāapstiprina sūtot pieteikumu uz epastu.

    Darbnīca notiks angļu valodā

    --- ENG---

    16mm black and white film workshop with Lithuanian filmmaker Vytautas Juozenas

    Vytautas is a filmmaker and artist from Vilnius who works with analog film and photography for many years – both working in the lab as well as teaching analog image making in workshops in Lithuania, Berlin and Latvia. His works have been shown in Lithuania and abroad. He is also a member of former film collective Tree Lab which no longer exists.

    - introduction to 16mm film physical and chemical processes
    - introduction to 16mm film camera
    - 16mm film shooting
    - reversal film processing in a lab
    - introduction to a 16mm film projector
    - film screening

    Participation fee: 40 EUR
    Participation is limited to 10 members
    Registration by sending e-mail:

  7. Photos from Chromaflex workshop

    11.-12. november, 2017 we were hosting a 16mm colour film Chromaflex workshop with Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie from Australia (Nanolab)

  8. 16mm Chromaflex workshop

    11. un 12. novembrī Baltic Analog Lab viesosies Ričards Tuijs (Richard Tuohy) un Dianna Barija (Dianna Barrie) no Austrālijas, Melnburnas, lai pasniegtu divu dienu radošo darbnīcu, kuras laikā tiks apgūts viņu pašu izveidotais "cromaflex" process.

    "Cromaflex" ir jauna fotoķīmiska tehnika, kas ļauj kombinēt dažādus attēla attīstīšanas veidus uz vienas filmas. Turklāt šīs izvēles var tikt izdarītas pilnā apgaismojumā. Šī tehnika ļauj radīt gan krāsainu pozitīvu, gan krāsainu negatīvu, gan melnbaltu attēlu vienas lentes un arī atsevišķa kadra ietvaros. Un, tā kā darbs ar krāsām šajā gadījumā notiek gaismā, ir iespējams vērot krāsu ķīmiju veicam savus brīnumdarbus mūsu acu priekšā! Šī darbnīca dos vajadzīgās zināšanas un pārliecību, lai D.I.Y. garā ar krāsu filmu un ķīmiju darītu visu, ienāk prātā.

    11. novembrī
    Filmēsim uz 16mm krāsu kopijas filmas, attīstīsim to līdz "cromaflex" procesa pirmajai fāzei, aptversim teoriju un sāksim spēlēties ar attēliem.

    12. novembrī
    Pievērsīsimies "cromaflex" procesa galvenajam posmam, liekot līmlenti un citus ķīmiju neuzņemošus materiālus uz sagatavotajām filmām un pēc izvēles attīstot tos "cromaflex" tehnikā.

    Ričards Tuijs un Dianna Barija vada Austrālijas vienīgo super8 filmu laboratoriju „nanolab”, kur sastopas roku darbs un industriālās kino tehnoloģijas. Abi ir līdzdibinātāji un biedri arī Melburnas analogā kino mākslinieku kolektīvā Artist Film Workshop. Ričards un Dianna veido filmas gan kopīgi, gan individuāli, taču abos gadījumos tās lielākoties sakņojas „pašdarinātā” kino tradīcijā, priekšplānā izvirzot interesi par filmas struktūru un formālajiem aspektiem. Autoru darbi ir rādīti festivālos un atsevišķās programmās Austrālijā, Eiropā, Ziemeļamerikā un Āzijā. Būdami pašdarinātā kino doto iespēju atbalstītāji, viņi daudz laika pavada, lai dalītos ar savām zināšanām dažādās meistardarbnīcās gan Austrālijā, gan citur pasaulē. 

    Darbnīca notiks angļu valodā.
    Dalības maksa par abām dienām - 40 eiro (ar priekšapmaksu).
    Pieteikšanās pa e-pastu (kur arī tālāka informācija).
    Dalībnieku skaits ir ierobežots līdz 8 cilvēkiem.

    Iepriekšēja fotoķīmiska pieredze nav nepieciešama - kas pirmie piesakās, tie piedalās!

  9. Ezera Skaņas Summer Camp

    August 2017 We were invited to lead a week long super8 summer camp for 10 selected participants during Ezera Skaņas Summer Camp. Leaders of the workshop was Ieva Balode with our Lithuanian colleagues Vytautas Juozenas and Justas Žekonis

    Films produced in workshop were focusing on 5 subjects: Darkness, Light, Water, Earth and Sound. Here's an excerpt from one of them made by Inese Tīkmane and Laima Vainiņa

    Ezera skaņas_Darkness from Baltic Analog Lab on Vimeo.

  10. Workshop with Echo Park Film Center

    This summer 2017 we welcomed lovely friends Paolo and Lisa of Echo Park Film Center in our lab to lead Sound We See Riga project of which we were collaborators between Arterritory and EPCF

    During their stay in Riga they also gave us eco processing workshop where we learned to shoot and process 16mm print film in flower developer and caffenol. 

    Here are the results:

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