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  1. Polaroid photography workshop

    Shortly before Crhistmas, Baltic Analog Lab invites you to our last workshop this year teaching experimental Polaroid photography with Florentijn Boddendijk from Netherlands  for all those of you willing to make special Christmas presents.

    In two days time we’ll first take a journey along that history of photography through a polaroid lens

    A lot of the (experimental) techniques that have been used since the beginning of photography can pretty easily be applied within the Polaroid medium, with the benefit of nearly instant results of your experiments. 

    Then we’ll go deeper in the world of Sunken Polas, Chemigrams and Emulsion Lifts, all kinds of techniques to manipulate an already made polaroid picture,

    Last but not least we’ll finish each day with authors favourite subject the night, the beginning of the Night at sunset, the beautiful brightness of clouds at Moonlit Nights, the Moon itself (if available), the theatricality of lamps transforming streets to stages and how you can make a single flower stand out dramatically against a black background by using flashlights at Night, the surreal effect of combining in a double exposure the lights of Night&Day and of course traveling at Night.



    -Basics of shooting on Polaroidoriginals film with Polaroid cameras

    -making Polagrams (polaroids without the use of a camera)

    -making Polaroid Pinhole pictures.

    -using self-made filters/dark-slides

    -the quest for the "Cubist Polaroid”

    -making multi-exposures

    -making Chemigrams

    -personalizing Chemigrams 

    -doing emulsion lifts

    -making pictures with a combination of day and nightlight.



    Florentijn Boddendijk is an experimental photographer and composer from The Hague on the Westcoast of The Netherlands.

    As a composer he works together with Remco de Jong creating Soundtracks for the big TheatreCompanies in Holland, Germany and Belgium and with his band “Elitechnique” he makes NuDisco for Clone records.

    As a photographer he is working solely with instant film in the fields of pinhole-/longexposure-/multiexposure-/night- and abstract-photography. 

    His aim is to make surreal work that exceeds the expectations of the tiny polaroid frames and enters shadowworlds, improbable panoramas and dreamscapes to transform the Instant Medium from “what you see is what you get” realism, to “what you get is what you didn’t see” surrealism by manipulating time, light, the camera or the emulsion but never by photoshopping or computerediting.

    As a result he has discovered/developed a lot of techniques to help him getting these pictures, a lot of them are based on making his own filters, dark slides, lenses etc with the aid of lasercutters etc.

    Limited amount of participants - 10 people
    Participate by sending us an email to:
    Participation fee: 50 EUR

    Workshop is supported by Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation




  2. Large format photography workshop

    7.-8. December. Baltic Analog Lab invites to a two day large format black and white photography workshop with Vytautas Juozenas (LT) and Armands Andže (LV/BAL), teaching two large format photography techniques - silver gelatine plate and positive paper photography.

    Silver gelatine dry plate technique was invented in 19th century and in comparison to wet plate, allows to keep and expose photography in a longer period of time after applying the emulsion on a surface. Armands Andže has been working with this technique for many years already, making hand made silver gelatine plates. He will share his knowledge of making such emulsion and plates and will give a chance to make some for the students.

    A lot more flexible and simple is a large format paper photography which can be used for capturing images and processing both in negative, as well as positive processes - method that Vytautas Juozenas has been practicing many years taking photos of his friends and colleagues. He's been our long term friend teaching analog filmmaking in Latvia, but this time will share his knowledge in photography.

    - Introduction to large format photography
    - Taking photos on paper
    - Negative and positive black and white photography process
    - Introduction to silver gelatine emulsion
    - Taking photos on plates
    - Processing of glass plates and contact prints on paper

    Armands Andže is a member of Baltic Analog Lab since 2018. He has been working with analog photography for 12 years an has gone deeply into exploring various old analog photography techniques. He studied photography in Latvian Culture College and now is a student of Latvian Academy of Art Glass design department.

    Vytautas Juozenas is a Lithuanian artist who studied analog photography in Vilnius art academy with famous Lithuanian photography master Gintautas Trimakas. He is now working in a film industry, teaches film and photography workshops in Lithuania and Latvia and on his spare time he is making analog music synthesisers and speakers with his colleagues of Samopal Sound System.

    Limited amount of participants - 10 people
    Participate by sending us an email to:
    Participation fee: 50 EUR

    Workshop is supported by Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation

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