Baltic Analog Lab

  1. Alternative Emulsions workshop

    Shortly before Process festival on 16-17 March,2019 filmmaker Esther Urlus (WORM Filmwerkplaats, Rotterdam) will give a two day workshop teaching Alternative Emulsions workshop for 16mm film.
    A hands-on workshop that concentrates on two distinct Alternative Emulsion processes; Cyanotype, an iron emulsion process that produces a striking Prussian Blue image and Van Dyke Brown, an iron/silver emulsion that produces a beautiful and painterly sepia coloured image. 

    An intensive introduction into the alchemical nature of moving images showing a variety onto alternative, light sensitive, emulsions. We will explore the arts of home­brewed film emulsions and explore a variety of options for coating the emulsion onto 16mm film. A basic chemistry lesson will be provided to introduce the essential make-­up of these emulsions, followed by the creation of the emulsion in a darkroom. These emulsions will be created from scratch, using the key ingredient in the production of alternative emulsion: ferric ammonium citrate. With our handmade film stock we will: expose photograms, make contact prints and hand­-process the results so they are ready for projection.

    Preview of the technique:

    Participants of the workshop will have an opportunity to create unique filmloops and project them at the opening of Process festival together with text and performance group Orbita on 20th March.

    - Introduction to alternative emulsion types
    - Introduction to Cyanotype technique
    - Introduction to iron emulsion process 
    - coating film with handmade emulsion
    - creating images using contact printing 
    - creating images using photogram technique
    - working with 16mm film projector
    - participation in expanded cinema performance in Process (optional)

    Participation fee: 40 EUR
    Number of participants: 10
    Reserve your place by sending us an email:

    Workshop will be held in English

    Supported by: State Culture Capital foundation

  2. 16mm Bolex workshop

    Two day 16mm Bolex film workshop with filmmaker and director of LKA National Filmschool Jānis Putniņš and BAL leading member Ieva Balode will teach you shooting and processing of 16mm black and white film.
    Emphasis of the workshop will be on shooting with Bolex camera and using it's specific effects - multi exposures and other tricks related to speed.
    - introduction to 16mm film physical and chemical processes
    - introduction to 16mm Bolex film camera
    - 16mm film shooting
    - reversal film processing in a lab
    - introduction to a 16mm film projector
    - film screening
    Participation fee: 40 EUR
    Participation is limited to 10 members
    Registration by sending e-mail:
    Workshop will be held in Latvian or English depending on participants who apply.
    Supported by Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation

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